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メーカー :
Vishay Dale
プロダクト :
Composition :
Failure Rate :
S (0.001%)
Features :
Military, Moisture Resistant, Non-Inductive
Height - Seated (Max) :
Number of Terminations :
Operating Temperature :
-55°C ~ 250°C
Package / Case :
Packaging :
Tape & Reel (TR)
Part Status :
Power (Watts) :
Resistance :
2 kOhms
Series :
Military, MIL-PRF-39007, RWR74N
Size / Dimension :
0.312" Dia x 0.875" L (7.92mm x 22.23mm)
Supplier Device Package :
Temperature Coefficient :
Tolerance :
Part Number # RWR74N2001FSS73 is manufactured by Vishay Dale and distributed by EGchip. Our online stocks were excess new inventory which we bought from top and famous companies. Online Price is our recycling price for reference only. If you have surplus new stocks for this kind of parts, you can also enter into consignment transaction plan of EGchip. Contact us NOW! Being one of the leading electronics distributors, we are managing many kinds of electronic components from some of the world’s top manufacturers. To process your RFQ, please add RWR74N2001FSS73 with quantity into BOM and send us email. EGchip is recommended to be a global buyer & reseller for excess inventory of semiconductors & components from famous companies. Started from 2006, EGchip is now a reliable distributor of ST, TI, ADI, MICROCHIP, MICRON, XILINX, ALTERA covering various types of parts like : FPGA, MCU, SENSOR, MOSFET, Power, Memory, Analog, TVS. Meanwhile, similar with Rochester Electronics, we focus on the aftermarket of semiconductor industry and have buyback plan to purchase your surplus new electronic components which you do not need. EGChip can be your expert at solving your excess, obsolete, end-of-life and slow moving electronic component inventory. For any excess ic chips or semiconductors, you could just sell off them to EGchip. Each year, countless excess chip stocks are stacked in the warehouse, waiting for disposal, some are not properly preserved, which could be easily oxidized or damaged. At the same time, many companies are discontinued for the shortage of certain semiconductors. There are some bad and dishonest merchants renew and sell used/fake ic chips, which has caused many quality problems to the users. EGchip helps over 2500 enterprises to avoid these issues: Firstly: we only cooperate with famous and top enterprises of the world by purchasing their brand new surplus stocks with detailed packing information. These companies including Foxconn, Cisco, Intel, Seco and Siemens. Second, we have very strict quality supervision and inspection, only allow for qualified, brand new and newly sealed products into the market. Because of our strict quality control and reclaiming these new components, they get new life cycles. We are able to resell, distribute and recycle your components with higher value. Send us email if any request: Email:
Datasheet :




同様のタイプ: "RWR7"

モデル メーカー 株式 説明
RWR74NR100DRS73 Vishay Dale 35,780 RES 0.1 OHM 5W 0.5% WW AXIAL
RWR78N30R1BSBSL Vishay Dale 79,720 RES 30.1 OHM 10W 0.1% WW AXIAL
RWR78N30R1BSRSL Vishay Dale 69,200 RES 30.1 OHM 10W 0.1% WW AXIAL
RWR78N30R0BSRSL Vishay Dale 21,900 RES 30 OHM 10W 0.1% WW AXIAL
RWR78N30R0BSBSL Vishay Dale 34,920 RES 30 OHM 10W 0.1% WW AXIAL
RWR78N1582BSRSL Vishay Dale 67,000 RES 15.8K OHM 10W 0.1% WW AXIAL
RWR78N1582BSBSL Vishay Dale 76,700 RES 15.8K OHM 10W 0.1% WW AXIAL
RWR78N1052BSBSL Vishay Dale 44,420 RES 10.5K OHM 10W 0.1% WW AXIAL
RWR78N1052BSRSL Vishay Dale 40,240 RES 10.5K OHM 10W 0.1% WW AXIAL
RWR78N1000BSRSL Vishay Dale 54,840 RES 100 OHM 10W 0.1% WW AXIAL
RWR78N1000BSBSL Vishay Dale 49,520 RES 100 OHM 10W 0.1% WW AXIAL
RWR78N1332BSRSL Vishay Dale 20,620 RES 13.3K OHM 10W 0.1% WW AXIAL
RWR78N1332BSBSL Vishay Dale 66,420 RES 13.3K OHM 10W 0.1% WW AXIAL
RWR78N1202BSBSL Vishay Dale 61,020 RES 12K OHM 10W 0.1% WW AXIAL
RWR78N1002BSBSL Vishay Dale 72,060 RES 10K OHM 10W 0.1% WW AXIAL

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